Myanmar’s mineral potential and opportunities

  • Myanmar’s Mineral Potentials and Opportunities. By Zaw Win Director ( Retired) Department of Mines Member of M E S 1
  • 2. • Myanmar’s Geology in brief • Mineral Provinces of Myanmar • Status of Mineral Exploration Activities • Mineral Occurrences • Location of Mineral Deposits, Gold, Copper, Lead/Zinc, Nickel, Antimony, Tin/Tungsten, Limestone, Coal 2
  • 3. Outlines (Contd.) • Type of Mining Activities • Essentials in the Proposals • Business License • Logistics/ Communication/ HR • Environmental Issues • Conclusion 3
  • 4. Brief Outline Geology of Myanmar Myanmar can be divided into four geographic belts, each of which, by its own right is geotectonic belt, possessing a separate stratigraphic succession and a deformational history. They are from east to west: – •The Eastern Highlands. •The Central Lowlands. •The Western Ranges. •The Rakhine Coastal Belt. 4
  • 5. The Eastern Highlands • Mountainous tract of Kachin State on the North, Shan Plateau in the middle and Tanintharyi Ranges in South- composed principally of Pre-Cambrian, Paleozoic- -Mesozoic rocks, Granite intrusions of Mesozoic- early Tertiary 5
  • 6. The Central Lowland • Composed of Ayeyarwady, the Chindwin, the Myittha- Kabaw, the Sittaung Valley and intervening ridges. The Belt is underlain dominantly by Cenozoic strata and some volcanic rocks. The central volcanic arc of Myanmar passes through along the middle 6
  • 7. The Western Ranges • Consisting of Naga Hills in the North, the Chin Hills in the Middle and the Rakhine Yoma in the south and underlain by flisch type deposits (mid Triassic- Eocene rocks) Ultra basic rocks occurs along eastern margin. 7
  • 8. The Coastal Belt • The Belt consists the Rakhine Coastal lowland between the Western Ranges and Bay of Bengal and underlain by flysch type deposits( Up.Cretaceous) and Tertiary rocks 8
  • 9. 9

Myanmar’s mineral potential and opportunities.

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