Malaysia: Malacca history


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Melaka was quite spared by destruction, bombing as well as battle, in 1942 and in 1945.
Melaka enjoyed the benevolence of Governor Tsurumi Ken, a former diplomat.
Melaka state’s rural nature made it easier for the people to find food in time of shortage.
Melaka’s absence of communist activity caused a lower level of Japanese repression.

For the Chinese, the occupation exacerbated the tension with the Malay and thus made the collaboration with the Malays necessary.
For the Indians, the Japanese occupation accelerated the independence of India.
For the Malays, it was the realisation of the weakness of the British, the Malay nationalists who collaborated were discredited and the ethnic antagonism was exacerbated.

Japanese occupation should not be seen as the beginning for nationhood, but as an accelerator towards Merdeka.
Japanese occupation, pushing women outside the confine of their home, out of necessity, was the dawn of Malay women emancipation.

Caption: “This is a good occasion to drive out the English from Asia.”

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